RAMBOD has been canceled due to the COVID-19 Outbreak.


Ride Around Mt. Baker in One Day

Sunday, August 30, 2020
Kip’s House, 5:30am
Register to Show Interest–Canceled

The Ride:

Join us for a jaunt around Mount Baker that includes a 200km brevet broken in half with an 18km hike up the Swift Creek drainage. This is a self-support ride, so come prepared. That said, we will have a party station at the ski area stocked with mac-and-cheese and micheladas.

The Route:

Bike-Part 1
Description. 110km ride (1/3 of which is gravel), along the water at sunrise, then up the Skagit Valley, and into the hills with 1,000m of climbing. Optional hot springs pit stop at the end.
Details. Map
Hike-Part 1
Description. Transition to bipedal transportation and begin a 14km hike up the Swift Creek drainage. The Swift Creek Trail is a rugged path that makes up a section of the Pacific Northwest Trail. The hike includes 800m of elevation gain as we climb up between Artist Ridge and the Shuksan Arm. It starts with a crossing of Rainbow Creek and is quickly followed up by a crossing of Swift Creek. Plan on getting wet.
Details. Swift Creek Trail 607- Forest Service, Washington Trails Association
Hike-Part 2
Description. Connect with the well maintained Lake Ann Trail for the remaining 4km of hiking and 250m of elevation. At the end we will reach the tarmac just down the hill from Artist Point and celebrate with micheladas.
Details. Lake Ann Trail 600- Forest Service, Washington Trails Association
Bike-Part 2
Description. Ok, more than half way home. A 100km to go. A quick descent at dusk (hopefully) will bring us to Glacier. From there we will follow East 542 and county roads back into town.
Details. Map


This will be the fifth annual RAMBOD. We will be planning, riding, and hiking together. This includes a planning dinner, a shakedown ride, and then RAMBOD. We require you partake in a public Grind Corps event. Register for free to show your interest.